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Realty CMA makes it very easy to create amazing presentations.

Our goal is to give you powerful tools so you never lose a listing.



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What is Realty CMA?


Why you should use Realty CMA?

Client Response

When you walk into a listing you want to impress your client. The clean design and clear objectives of our reports will give your client confidence that you have the right price and will walk away with a signed agreement.

CMA Content

This is the CMA you have been wanting for. No fluff. No junk. Just the core facts that give your client a pinpoint value for their property and give you the most accurate way to price their property.

Work Anywhere

Realty CMA supports phones, tablets, and computers. Easily create a presentation with any device wherever you are and share it with your client however you want.

The Process

How easy is it to create a CMA?



Use our native RETS searching to find comps, view pictures, and add homes to your CMA.



Compare each aspect of your client's property to comparable properties and make adjustments to better price the listing.



Choose from a library of dynamic templates to create a CMA that can be viewed online or printed.


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